Leather Upholstery Range


Upholstery hide is the most widely used leather in the UK. We carry a comprehensive collection with a variety of different colours and textures. Leather is a natural product and skins may vary slightly from skin to skin so patterns and colour samples should be regarded only as a guide.


The Healey is our largest range encompassing more than 30 colours from pastels to earth shades with a distinct grain pattern. The finish is attractive and hardwearing and is suitable for most applications.

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The Bentley is a range of high quality semi-analine leathers. These are supple and natural looking, some with 2-tone and pull-up effects. Colours are mostly earth tones with a deep and rich texture.

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Made from carefully selected hides, the Vantage range comes with a smooth, silky finish that is soft to the touch and designed to grace only the finest furniture.

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