Leather Skins and Cow Hides

Neumann Leathers is one of the oldest established leather suppliers in the UK offering the widest choice of finished leather hides and skins. Our ranges include everything from upholstery and automotive hides to clothing nappas and shoe leathers.

Leather Stock

We carry a rich variety of stock at our warehouses in Manchester, comprising of cow hides, sheepskins, kid and pigskin, suedes and splits.

We are experienced in providing leather for almost any type of use and would be happy to advise you about the best leather for your product.

Bespoke Leather Designs

We are have recently teamed up with a leather goods manufacturer on site and can now offer a bespoke design and production service for anything from leather bags to bedboards.

We invite international traders to visit our 'special offers' section for larger parcels of finished leathers.

Offering a wide range of leather skins and leather hides, Neumann Leathers has the service and expertise to satisfy your order requirements.